About the exhibition...

Ctrl Z is the University of Cumbria Digital arts showcase 2009/10. The exhibition is a celebration of the work produced by the students of the digital arts department.

The exhibition is also the marking of the MMDADA (multimedia design and digital animation) course coming to an end. The work produced by the students of this course over the years has been both exceptional and award winning. The skills learned at UOC MMDADA have enabled students to go on to work at the cutting edge of the multimedia and animation industries.

We invite you to come and see our work. The information about visiting times and who to contact is written below.

University of Cumbria
(formerly Cumbria Institute of the Arts)
Brampton Road Campus
01228 400354
2009/10 Graduate Show
2nd June - 11th June 2010
Open Daily 10:00 - 4:00 pm
(Closed Sunday)

Private View Friday 4th June 6– 9pm

FdA Students

Martin Bell:

Stuart Blackmore: stuangelhikara.webs.com

Nicola Carr: www.nicolacarr.webs.com

Simon Collett: www.sbcdigitaldesigns.webs.com

Graeme Glease: gdglease.webs.com

Sasha Grann: www.sashagg.com

Bruce Gregg: ionbru.webs.com

Daniel Harris:

Claire Kennedy: rex-equinox.webs.com

Daniel Matthews: curlymoustache.com

BA (Hons) Students

*Philip Maddock: www.maddock3d.co.uk

*Graham Barke: www.grahambarke.co.uk

(*Joint site): www.evergreenmovie.co.uk

Claus Ilkjaer: www.cilkjaer.dk

Graham Hudson: www.cilkjaer.dk/grahamhudson/

Stephen Child:

Michael Dixon:

Jack Green: www.cilkjaer.dk/jackgreen/

Amirah Hussain: www.amirahhussain.com

David Oglesby: www.daveoglesby.co.uk

Scott Rigby: www.test.thedrivingacademy.com

Stephen Simons: www.ravinmaddesigns.com

Joseph Wright: